Lithium Ion Batteries:
The main advantage of this battery is the weight.
The Lithium Battery weighs a third or quarter of lead batteries. But not only that, the energy density in Lithium Batteries is much higher than lead batteries; therefore the Lithium battery can use less volume.
The driving performances are completely different:
Compared to lead batteries, Lithium batteries provide a much better driving performance. Lead batteries give good driving performance after being charged. However, during driving power will abate and driving will slow down to a complete stop. In contrast the lithium Ion battery provides better driving performance. Driving deceleration will occur only after a longer length of time than Lead batteries.
More advantages to Lithium battery:
·         A longer life span, which means a larger amount of charges than Lead batteries.
·          The Current Pick, that is also called the battery's c promoter, exits in very low levels in the Lead battery. The higher this Current Pick is, the better driving performance your motor will provide, while maintaining battery's life.
·         Each Lithium Ion battery includes built in BMS (battery management system) kind of an inner computer that keeps battery's safety against excessive discharge, overcharging, or overheating.
Therefore, Lithium batteries are more expensive than Lead batteries, but are worth much more, and were chosen to serve electric cars, and other new electric vehicles that are being developed these days, such as: planes and vessels.