We reduced the weight using a few parameters:
·         A Lithium Ion battery. An area that has been developing in the past few years, with the growing demand for smaller and thinner cell-phones.
Imported technology to the electric vehicle domain, allows you to enjoy a light and portable vehicle.
 For more information about the many advantages of the Lithium battery , check out the Battery section.
·         A strong and steady aluminum chassis- designing and manufacturing a chassis from aluminum that is lighter than iron. The designing is meticulous and exact, after many strength analyses have been done on it, for maximum weight saving, without affecting the required strength.
·         A surprisingly placed motor- an electronic hinge, no coal using, motor. Using the BRUSHLESS HUB technology. In other words- the motor is the wheel and the wheel is the motor. Which means that the motor hinge is fixed to the vehicle body and in it are the heavy electrical coils that don't turn. Around the hinge and  coils there is a light magnet structure that is connected to a loop, and surrounding the loop is a tire.
There is also a small cogwheel internal hinge system inside the wheel structure, which is parallel to the motor (CONCENTRIC GEAR). That converts the motor's speed to power. The result is a motorized wheel, without the need of transmissions such as:  chain, strap, or an external set of cogwheels that are exposed to dirt, water, weight, wear, or straining of the strap.
Additionally, the motor works under full electronic control, unlike a regular coal motor. This motor is 20% more efficient than a regular coal motor, and that way more energy is being saved, or alternatively more power is being accumulated.  
The result is a private vehicle, with a surprising weight of only 12 kilos, compared with other scooters that are 25-30 kilos each.
Judges words at the "Atir" competition of the ministry of trading and industry, 2010: "A personal motorized vehicle for town traffic, foldable and light, using a nonpolluting energy… provides a solution for a genuine need".