Ways to enjoy MYWAYs advantages:
Living outside the city?
Drive by a bus or train, and take MYWAY with you.
MYAWAY can be seated folded next to you, and as you get off, it will get you to your destination with no effort.
Save money, gasoline, and extreme parking fees!
 Park your car outside town, pull MYWAY from your trunk, and watch everyone's fruitless attempts to find parking as you drive your MYWAY comfortably.
MYWAY is foldable and hardly needs any space, so whether you are working in the center of the city, live on a third floor with no elevator, or have very little space in your apartment, you can fold MYWAY easily and put it away in your office or even under your bed till your next ride.
If you are:
Upbeat and stylish, businessmen that have to get around quickly from place to place, students around campus, suburb folks who want to move around with an eco friendly vehicle, workers in a big factory or airports that need to walk distances each day. If you consider yourself one of the above, MYWAY is perfect for you!
So, whether riding MYWAY standing up or sitting down, it will get you to your destination in no time. The only problem is, you won't want to get off…