At the "Atir" competition of the ministry of trading and industry, 2010 the judges stated: "A personal motorized vehicle for town traffic, foldable and light, using nonpolluting energy… provides a solution for a genuine need"
MYWAY announces a revolution in the personal mobility domain.
MYWAY is ecological, economical, and environmentally friendly. (Zero air pollution).
We are all familiar with SEGWAY, or other electrical scooters, and their advantages as "green" solutions, without pollution and at minimal energy cost (a cent for every Kilometer). MYWAY provides all this and more:
-MYWAY is considered a green vehicle that saves energy of 1:100, when compared with an average vehicle. 
-MYWAY takes a step further and provides the same solutions in a compact, personal, and light weighted vehicle.
-MYWAY can be carried anywhere: from your car trunk, train carriage, or bus. To your work desk, and even office. There is no need to leave your personal vehicle outside; you can take it with you wherever you go.
Experiments and measurements were done everywhere during the development process; in vehicles, trains, buses, and different cars, as well as buildings, elevators, offices, etc. It has been tried, carried, and driven everywhere.
Futuristic technology
MYWAY is characterized in an easy and comfortable folding technique.
Our first aim was the speed and simplicity of handling MYWAY, so that with the use of only 2 simple operations, MYWAY transforms from an upright position to a folded one, and vice versa in only a matter of seconds.
The mechanism fixes itself in both positions; the upright position and the folded one, without the need of locks or screws. 
In both positions the mechanism is locked in a safe way, and has to be released for it to change positions.
Considerable cost savings
MYWAYs cost is minimal, just like having a laptop. You only have to charge it when needed. That way you can enjoy a vehicle that does not require any insurance or different fees, nor does it consume any expensive fuels.
As a matter of fact during the first year with MYWAY, you can cover its cost in only 23 shekels per day.
MYWAY is environmentally friendly thanks to his small size, and quiet performance. And as an electric vehicle, MYWAY is not air pollutant.
Driving experience
MYWAY's driving experience is highly enjoyable. After only a few minutes' drive MYWAY becomes a part of you, and with no effort you gain "electrical feet"..
Also, people who have never been on a scooter can operate MYWAY easily within minutes.
Experienced riders will feel the difference immediately-it's fun to ride on!
Experientially- a smooth, safe, and easy drive.
Technically- many efforts have been put into the development of the wheel and the steering axis in order for the scooter to drive itself, thus giving the driver a smoother ride.
The designers experience in transportation and bicycles engineering helped to create a great steering system.
MYWAY has an iconic figure, and a Contemporary design.
Nimrod Sapir
Nimrod Sapir is a well known designer, who won several prizes in many competitions around the world, amongst them the "ATIR" prize from the Israeli ministry of trading and industry.
Many known products in Israel as well as around the world, are his design.
MYWAY has many new technological advantages, which place him at the top of electric vehicles domain.
An answer to a worldwide problem
75% of world population resides in cities.
93% of the business world conducts its business in metropolitan cities.
An average vehicle weighs about 1.5 ton, and in 90% of the time carries the man from place to place.
In the city the permissible speed drops to 45 mph, and due to: traffic, lights, and parking problems we end up driving at 25 mph.
Also,many city centers around the world are closed off to vehicles.
That's why the need to find a solution for these issues intensifies.
MYWAY combines an answer for both speed and economy.
"Amazing! In only 2 minutes I figured out how to drive, and it's speed saves me time." – Inbal Revach, 44, Beit-Halevi. 
-"When you see the size, the carrying abilities are much more impressive"- K. 36, Tel-Aviv.
-" A steady drive! The gap is widening between MYWAY and other scooters"- Ori Shashua, 31, Hertziliya.
-" An exciting and innovative drive".   Miri Weiss, 30, Tel Aviv.