The most advanced high tech E-scooter that can be taken along anywhere.

MYWAY is a personal, light, compact electric vehicle, with excellent driving performance at the most profitable cost there is. 
MYWAY's advantages:
·         Light - the only one that can be picked up and carried around with you.
·         Foldable- a swift folding patent, that with one quick "click", will enable you to enter anywhere with it.
·         Electric- chargeable in every socket.
·         Compact- surprisingly so with a new folding mechanism.
·         Revolutionary – instead of standing in traffic, you park and continue with MYWAY.
·         Good- looking –MYWAY won several design awards, participated in many competitions and was displayed in many design and technological exhibitions around the world.
After 2 and half years of development and design by the Israeli designer Nimrod Sapir, the MYWAY EV Company got international recognition in the design and technological domain:
·         Milano 2011 AT-Award;
·          In 2011 MYAWY Won first prize from the Isreal ministry of trading and industry;
·         Promisdesign Milano, Paris, Tolo exhibitions.
MYWAY is not just another electrical scooter; MYWAY gives you freedom to take it wherever you wish.
Customer comments:

-"Hi Nimrod,
I wanted to say thank you for getting MYWAY to me. My overall impression is that it is superbly designed with a high quality build. I am surprised by the weight; it is much lighter than the GoPed’s I have been testing.
Today, everyone at my factory took turns riding the vehicle and all were very impressed. Also, lots of interest from the folks in our business park asking “where, what, & how much”?
Thanks Again,
Rodney Romero"

-"Its been two weeks without leaving MYWAY! bringing me to work every day! excellent tool! there is place for little improvements but in general it is simply perfect!" Katya Sky (Facbook) 01 December 2011

-"No doubt, the most advanced vehicle in this domain, from the energy, strength, and most importantly- the design point of view." Uri Shashua, 31, an easy transportation designer, Hertziliya.
-"It has a lot more strength than it seems" R.K., 39, Tel-Aviv.
- "A high level vehicle", R.P, 40.
- "Amazing design", Miri Berko, 30, Tel-Aviv.
-"I want one!", Adi Weisberg,31,Tel-aviv.

-"Stunning", Natalie Elian, 32, Tel-Aviv.